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Mourhaf Web is a new image of integrated experice types starting from systems administration, application programming and development to implement the most modern technologies in production fields making work more productive and easy for personells, companies and in enterprise environments.

Database Administration

Oracle 9i - 11g Relational Database Administration, Distribution and Management
MySQL RDBMS, SQL Server 2005-2008 Advanced Administration.

Application Programming

Creating the most modern application techniques, Windows Stand alone and desktop, Client Server, Web based and Mobile Based Application programming on the languages of:
  • Microsoft DotNet 3, 3.5, 4.0 Technologies including C# and VB.Net
  • PHP Server side with JavaScript JQuery Client side interaction based application with AJAX Technology
  • Microsoft AJAX Dot Net
  • Microsoft MVC 2.0 - 3.0 Web based and stand alone applications

Server System Administration

High Experience of Server management for the two majors:
  • WISA : Windows IIS SQL ASP
  • LAMP : Linux Apache MySQL PHP
  • Environments with Redundant backup strategies over SAN, NAS, RAID and Mirroring storage techniques.

    Network Administration

    LAN and WAN Administration and programming of CISCO, Extreme devices including Router and Switch advanced programming and VLAN isolation and management for the zones of:
  • Core: Sever Networking and traffic Load balancing
  • Distribution: Backup baths for frames and packets over muliple media types